Make drone enabled aerial services accessible to everyone in Kansas through state and local partnerships, and bring a cheaper, safer and better quality alternative to traditional methods


Grow the drone industry by fostering a culture of inspiration, empowering professionals, developing partner relationships and enabling clients to make decisions that lead to their success

We are a fully licensed and insured drone and mapping services company with over 20 years in the mapping industry. We have been in the UAV (drone) business for over 2 years, and we have started Kestrel as a means to bring our services to you.

We now have FAA AUTHORIZATIONS and WAIVERS in place fly missions in 99% of the State of Kansas (Day or Night)! See our Certification/Authorizations page.



Over 10 years in the GIS Industry and 2+ years flying drones for the US Army

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

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Over 10 years of experience in the GIS industry and 3+ years as the Industrial Engineer - Stationing Manager at 

Public Works Master Planning,

Fort Riley

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Over 20 years in the IT industry and a veteran entrepreneur, Jim brings a unique perspective to our drone business

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

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Senior Account Manager

​Custom platform builder.  Experience in several flight systems and video/control links.



​FAA Certified Remote Pilot

Intern - K-State Polytechnic

​Dual Major:

UAS Operations

UAS Engineering

FAA Certified Pilot

​FAA Certified Remote Pilot

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